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Chess Summer Camps

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Summer is coming soon. Do you have any fun activities planned for your child(ren)? Coach Mark Williams will put on mini camps. If your child would like to participate in Chess Knights or Games of Strategy, click here for more information.

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Playful Learning

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I teach a home building elective for middle schoolers. It is teaching them about tools, how to use them properly and safely and how homes are constructed. I had to learn these skills when it became apparent that on a Lutheran school educator’s income, Mrs. Boyd and I would never own a home unless I built it myself one nail at a time. And I think, for interested students, there is great value in working with their hands and creating.

Some of our activities involve just putting out some tools and giving the young men and women some time to examine and experiment with the tools in small groups before more formal lessons. And I ask myself, “Would I be better serving them if I was giving them worksheets and vocabulary lists to memorize?” But then I think about the benefits of playful learning. In some settings and with discretion, we believe students can learn a lot from playing and from the social interaction which is part of that play.

So what makes playful work a path for learning?

From Tim Elmore:

  1. Relationships

Playful learning is embedded in relationships and social situations. It provides a spark to the learning environment. We are social creatures and we learn best in circles—not rows. Life change occurs when there is life exchange. Relationships accelerate learning. We need to be in community.

  1. Relevance

Playful learning is fostered best when topics are meaningful to students. What you say needs to be connected to the perceived “real life” of a student. If a learner can’t connect the dots between the subject and their life—it’s all theory and it will be forgotten. Students tend to learn on a “need to know” basis.

  1. Responsiveness

The key is the development of social emotional skills. Some schools understand this, but most do not. Students learn best in an environment that empowers all parties to respond to each other; to volley ideas and to interact. This is why social media has overtaken television as the top amusement among the younger generation.

We continue to teach for the test on subjects we’ve been told to grade. Sadly, it’s not what employers or future spouses are grading. When students are in playful learning, they are speaking and listening to each other, learning to self-regulate, expanding vocabulary and discovering how to think out loud. Playful learning, it seems, is just common sense.

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I Am Bummed By Spring Break

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Don’t get me wrong. I will be flying up to see my 85 year-old mom in Chelsea, MI. I saw her last in June. Then I am driving a little Chevy pick-up truck back down here to Florida. I am looking forward to that time.

What bums me out is that we are rarely in school during Holy Week. It is understandable that our public school counterparts schedule Spring Break to coincide with the week of Good Friday to avoid any implication that they are showing favoritism to a Christian holy day.

But that means we, here at SPLS, do not get to walk children through the events of Christ’s passion and His victory over sin and death while these events are being celebrated by Christians all over the world.

Some of my most meaningful chapel services and classroom devotional times have come in years where the school I served had classes right after Palm Sunday, on Maundy Thursday and even Good Friday.

And an added sadness comes when I realize that families naturally take off for this week, get out of their normal routine and, as a result, may well forget the meaning of those special days. It is understandable if a family doesn’t duck out of Disney World early or rush in from the beach to gather with other Christians for a Good Friday service.

However, it would be awesome if parents, as the spiritual leaders in their home, took just a few moments each day of Spring break to read scripture that will help children think of what Jesus has done for them.

Here is a link on Bible Gateway to some daily readings that might spur some discussion and thought, and most of all, faith.

In His Children’s Service, Robert C. Boyd

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SPLS Spring Break 2016 – Sign Up Today

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adventure-kids-flying-telescope-illustrationSpring Break is fast approaching…do you have adventures planned for your child(ren)? Outside Fun, Inside Fun, Field Trips, Games, Friends and more!! Click here to learn more about Spring Break at SPLS and download your signup form. Non-Students of SPLS are always welcome, Bring a Friend!!

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SPLS Art entered in Bartow’s Bloomin’ Arts Festival

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bloominArts2016 (2)SPLS students participated in the Bartow’s Bloomin’ Arts Festival located in Downtown Bartow. The great event features art vendors, a car show, flower show, quilt show, as well as food vendors and live music. 25 elementary students and 4 middle school students will be represented us! Great job Eagles!!

Click here to view additional artwork

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Give the next Generation Hope

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Do you ever despair?

When will my child start obeying to me?

When will my boss stop micro-managing?

When will my spouse really begin to listen and understand my feelings?

When will this illness (or addiction, or worry, or weakness, or sin) end?

When will this political bickering quiet down?

We despair when we feel the answer to these questions is: “NEVER!”


We despair when we cannot see where our situation is leading.


We despair when we feel alone and without the power needed.

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One Year Olds through PK4 please sign-up in their classrooms starting March 7th. Remember Spring Break this year is 4 days, 3/21 – 3/24. The campus is closed Good Friday.

SPLS kids: K-8 sign-up:
– through Kids’ Club
– or Click here to download form and return to office
AND yes your non-St. Paul friend can come to Spring Break camp. If you know a friend looking for child activities (care), please see below.
Non-St Paul kids
Click here to download form and email to Benita Balingit,

-Attended SPLS camps before, yes or no??

If no, please stop by the office and fill-out a general information form , i.e., contact information, allergies, payment.

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