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Mark Williams is our chess coach and will provide mini chess camps for students. Click here for additional information and to download a form to sign up. Please drop off completed registration form with payment to the school office.

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Confronting Those Whose Behavior Creates Challenges

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“Just try to ignore it.”

“Avoid the person.” (or the situation or the location).

“Give it right back to them only worse. That will teach them.”

“Whatever you do, do not tell on them. Snitches need stitches.”

These might be examples of advice received by a student who is bothered by the behavior of a classmate. It might involve bullying words or actions. It might be someone who puts others down. It might be someone who is seen cheating. It might be someone who uses bad languages or tells off-color jokes. But in all these cases, students face a dilemma. “This other person’s actions are making me uncomfortable or hurting me. What should I do?”

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Thanksgiving Break Childcare

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The week of Thanksgiving we will be available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The first 2 days we have field trips planned and the last day will be an eventful day on campus. Please complete and return if you have a child in kindergarten through eighth grade that will attend Kids’ Club. Click here to find out more.

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