Fortnite – The Best for Kids?

I do not jump on scary bandwagons, warning about the dangers of any number of new fads very easily.

But I have been watching the Fortnite video game impact for quite a while and have been talking with kids and listening to them. And that tells me it is time to say something.

Parents, please first consider that not every parent wants there kids exposed o this contet. If you choose to let your child participate, please tell them to leave the conversations about it at home.


First Person Shooter – While by far not the most violent of these types of games, let’s face the reality that the point is to kill things. Violently kill things.

Attitude Change – The annoying Fortnite dances are what the characters do when they are successful. It is a celebration over the killing of a person or creature. We see that kind of heartlessness and taunting in kids whom we normally perceive as pretty kind and caring. Connection? I guess we should think about it. Oh, and the bragging and put downs of others are apparently common as kids play each other. We are seeing a fair amount of this in some classes as well. Seems pretty contrary to our Build Up theme.

Interaction with Whom? – Many kids play with friends from school or the neighborhood. But there is potential for contact with strangers. Is that person playing against your child really an eleven year old who just loves the game?

Addictions – Kids who put up a huge fuss about having to stop may have a real addiction issue. How do we avoid enabling that addiction?

Lack of Sleep – Kids tell me they are cranky and inattentive and disruptive in school because they are staying up late playing this game (or on social media, or playing a myriad of other on-line activities). Some have shared that their parent woke them at 2:30 AM to play the newly released Fortnite version. And then the child came to school. Teachers rightfully ask how they are supposed to educate under these circumstances.

Age Limit – Fortnite does not have one officially, I guess. Common Sense Media says 13. Wonder if they actually know something?

Reminds me of the scripture: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

In His Children’s Service, Robert C. Boyd

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