Financial Literacy for Students

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to want” Proverbs 21:5


It is time for our school leadership to begin work on the 2019-2020 budget. Our fiscal year runs from July through June so the work begins now. It is often said that your budget reflects your values. Jesus reminded us of that by saying your treasure shows what is in your heart.

While we try to live by these principles, we also work at establishing them in our students. That all came to a climax this week.

5th Grade BizTown

For several weeks 5th grade students prepared to run businesses in a simulated environment provided by Junior Achievement in Tampa. It was a great opportunity Monday for students to put all they have learned about operating a business into practice.

6th Grade Game of Life

Using the spreadsheet skills learned in computer class, sixth graders navigated through a personal finance journey using the Game of Life.

8th Grade Finance Park and Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance

Students concluded a long-term study of personal finance using several resources. This culminated in a trip to Tampa to spend the day “living life” in a simulated real world environment at JA’s Finance Park. Key ideas include avoiding debt, budgeting, spending within your means, planning for the future, and supporting God’s work.

Coming back to our school budget, well over 80% of our approximately $3.5 million spending plan is invested in people. The vast majority of that spending is for those who work directly with children. We recognize that our educational and spiritual mission is people intensive. And it is teachers and aides and care workers who have the most direct impact on children. So that is where our treasure and our heart are.

We are glad to say that we have been able to provide a salary increase for all our workers this year and will budget for one in the coming year as well. These workers are the heart and soul of what we do, so providing for their needs as best we can is a high priority.

We strongly believe in living by the principles we teach. And we are prayerfully hopeful that those values are also being passed on to our students.

In His Children’s Service, Robert C. Boyd

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