We try to get ready for school in so many ways. In addition to cleaning and ordering and planning and visioning, we also prepare our hearts and minds. As a faculty, we recently considered this passage from Joshua 3:5: “Then Joshua said to the people, ’Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.’ ”

The context was the new leader of God’s people preparing for the crossing of the Jordan River. Like those who had crossed the Red Sea more than a generation before, the people faced a challenging situation. Walk into the midst of the waters holding to the promise that not only would the water be cleared from their path but that a hopeful future awaited on the other side.

Joshua did not advise the donning of wet suits or scuba gear. He did not hand out snorkels or floaties. Preparation took the form of consecrating.

What is that? In the sense here it means devoting yourselves wholly to something. In scripture it more narrowly means full on commitment to the Lord and His work.

It makes sense in the light of the circumstances that Joshua did not advise simply sticking a toe in to test the Jordan temperature. He said, in essence, “Dive in!.” Now they were not doing so blindly. It was not 


unreasonable. Their ancestors had crossed the Red Sea on dry land. God had kept them throughout all the trials of their 40 year desert wanderings. And now, their leader, Joshua, who had already scouted out the land, was not just promising safety and dry sandals. He was promising wonders. Amazing things. Clear evidence of God’s presence and love for His people.

What Joshua instructed the people to do can be summarized in the phrase “All In.” He was not asking for half-hearted attitudes. He was not interested in being wishy-washy. He asked the people to consecrate themselves. To be fully and wholly committed.

I’ll bet you can see not just the connection to this year’s theme, but also the reason your child’s teacher was challenged with this passage from God’s Word.

We are consecrating ourselves. We are All In. And, to tell the truth, we are expecting wonders among us in 2019-2020.

In His Children’s Service, Robert C. Boyd

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