Theme Stuff – Do You Get It?

2019-2020 SPLS School Year Theme: All In


First Term: Dive In

Second Term: Dig In

Third Term: Abide in


Theme for the year? I get it. Do all in the name of Christ and do nothing halfway.

First Term? Makes sense. Let’s get started. Don’t hold back. As a student. As a child of faith.

Second Term? A good follow up. Go deeper into whatever you are doing, especially into God’s word and His plan for you.

Third Term? Whoa. Here’s a word you do not see every day.

This term we emphasize an idea that certainly relates to tenacity and grit, values we have pushed for years at SPLS. How so? Well this term’s theme encourages kids to hang on. Hang on to the Lord and His promises. Stay connected to Jesus, the vine that keeps us, the branches, sustained and healthy. Do not lose touch with the goals and the dreams that you had at the beginning of the year.

Abide means to “continue without fading or being lost.” Are fading, getting lost, losing touch potential problems as we make our way into the second half of a long school year? You bet! Is it often just as hard (maybe even harder) to stick with our goals of growing in faith, reading and applying God’s Word, praying, and loving our neighbor as ourselves? It sure is.

And that is why Jesus encourages and admonishes us in John Chapter 15 to abide in Him. To stay connected to Him. To not allow ourselves to be drawn, or pulled, or yanked away from him, either by our own selfish pride or by the temptations of this world and other people.

I am hopeful that now “Abide In” makes more sense. And. even more, I, pray our students, teachers, staff, parents, and even principals stay connected to the vine so we can abide in Jesus this third term.

In His Children’s Service, Robert C. Boyd

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