Academic Immersion Program

St. Paul Lutheran School began a new program serving a special group of students during the 2012-2013 school year. It is called the Academic Immersion Program at St. Paul. Students in this program have average and above intelligence and aptitude, but struggle to learn and function in more traditional classroom settings. This is fully an academic program with high expectations for student growth.

By operating on a school campus students get the opportunity to use resources, participate in school events, and if appropriate, attend some classes with the general student body of St. Paul Lutheran School.

In addition, they benefit from having education conducted in coordination with behavioral training. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst works closely with staff. Students in the Academic Immersion Program at St. Paul are not behavior problems, but they benefit from training that recognizes that there are behavioral aspects to academic success.

Students in the program often receive McKay and Step Up tuition assistance.

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