Achievement Testing Results

0301_St_Paul_BelvedereStudioCurrently. SPLS students in grades 1-8 are evaluated using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills annually in April. This test compares SPLS students to literally millions of other students of the same age across this nation.

In general, SPLS students surpass national averages and the gap grows dramatically larger the longer a student attends. By 8th grade, our graduating students are ready to enter high school taking the test like a college freshman.

Please remember that tests of this nature are only a small portion of how a student’s progress is evaluated. Daily performance and assessments in class are also important as are projects, writing assignments and performance.

To us at SPLS, issues such as work ethic, tenacity, creativity, character, and faith development are also of great value and there are no nationally normed test for these.

Please click on the links below to see graphs representing the performance of SPLS students on national tests. SPLS students compare very favorably with their peers across the nation.

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