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HE became a pastor?!?!?! SHE is now a teacher?!?!?

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Yes, I have had those reactions before when following up on former students. As you can imagine, there have been a few of them over a 37 year career in schools.

Why the reaction of amazement? Well, there are those you picture taking up a life of service and ministry and, well, let’s just say there are those you do not.

But what I have learned over the years is that leaders do not always wear a sign on their forehead giving you a hint about what God has in store for them. God does not always call the brightest, the most jovial, the most socially fluent into His work or a life of leadership. That is true now. And it has been true throughout the existence of this planet.

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Hypocrisy: Are We Willing to Address It or Does It Paralyze Us?

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Last week our faculty was discussing that is was important for students to spell carefully when making bulletin covers for use in our upcoming Lutheran Schools Week church services. While allowing Kindergarten and first grade students to use inventive spelling encourages their writing skills, for a formal publication, editing for spelling errors makes sense. We are a school after all.

So here is the irony. Within hours of that discussion I labored over an e-mailed dress code reminder to parents and students. I wrote and re-wrote, trying to put a positive spin on a touchy issue. I even copied it into Word to check for spelling and grammar errors. After all, it was a formal publication.

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Daycare Receipt Statement Procedure

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The procedure has changed this year.

Existing School Parents: Click here for instructions on how to print daycare receipt statements for tax purposes.

Summer Camp Parents: For our previous parents or those who just came this summer, please contact Jasmin, and she will provide a statement.

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Watoto Children’s Choir travels from Africa with Inspiring New Production

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The Watoto Children’s Choir traveling from Africa is thrilled to present a brand new choir production entitled “Oh What Love.”

The production will be presented at St. Paul Lutheran Church on February 21at 2:00pm and 6:30pm. The tour began in Norway in September of 2015 and the choir will travel around Scandinavia for three months, before arriving in Phoenix, Arizona on December 6, 2015, where they will tour for four more months visiting several states throughout the West Costal region of the U.S.

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New Year

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I am old enough to remember being a child and wondering if I would ever live to see the year 2000. It seemed like that was just too far in the future to imagine.

I also recently asked a class of seventh graders if they remember the Christmas Day earthquake and subsequent tsunami that took a quarter of a million lives in Southeast Asia. They politely reminded me that they were one year old in 2004.

This all reminds me that time is fleeting. Time moves on. Time waits for no one. And our time is limited.

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January Calendar Reminders

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2nd – Teachers and Students Return

13th – PTO Meeting @ 8:15AM

16th – Martin Luther King Day – No School, ECEC & Kid’s Club Open

20th – End of 2nd Term – 11:30AM DISMISSAL

24th – 2nd Term Progress Reports

31st – Kindergarten Exploration @ 6:00PM

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