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I recently was reminded of something. I publish a weekly faculty meeting agenda for teachers, PK-8th. In the midst of some heavy praise for a hard-working, diligent faculty, I had also included the following:

What is our basic expectation of staff?

                Do your job.

                Live as a person of faith; imperfect, but repentant and growing.

                Build positive relationships.

                Pretty simply said. Harder to do. But fair.


Afterwards some teachers asked if there was a concern they were not doing their job. Of course, if there were concerns, I would not first address it cryptically in a staff agenda. So, the answer was, “No, you are doing great.”

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The Empty Egg

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I did not get the chance to lead chapel for our 2 year olds this week as I thought I would. So you are stuck hearing my planned message…. without the actual fun we would have had with the Easter eggs.
Those little plastic Easter eggs are everywhere on the SPLS campus. Mr. Nick Moss, our Director of Christian Education loves them. We fill them for Parker Street Ministries as our annual March Chapel offering.

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Any child who interacts with other humans will experience hurts. It could be a conflict with a sibling. It could be through a heated exchange with an exasperated parent. And it could be with a classmate, a teammate, a neighborhood friend, or a cousin. It is almost equally likely that a child will be the one handing out a dose of pain. Helping our children involves recognizing at any given time our child could be the “hurter” or the “hurtee.” (Yes, I just made that word up.)

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Chess Summer Camps

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Games of Strategy | July 10-14
Chess Knights | July 10-14 & July 17-21
Camps are for students entering K-9th Grades in 2017-2018. Snacks will be provided for each session. The curriculum will be tailored to the ages and abilities of the students. Click here for more information.

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