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A Simple Change in Wording

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Would you notice if a child’s reporting on a challenge included a change in wording?

Take the example of a child forgetting to bring a field trip permission slip to school. Would you notice if instead of the child saying “My mom didn’t give it to me,” the child said, “I have a problem. I forgot to put it in my bag.”

Would you notice if, instead of the child saying, “Dad, go back home, get the slip, and bring it to school.” The child said, “I know I forgot the slip, dad. Could you come into school while I print it off and have you sign it?” or “I know it was my fault and I cannot go on the trip. I will remember next time.”

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Fidget Spinners and Related Devices

posted by Principal's Blog

It is interesting how something generally good or neutral can quickly turn into something questionable or negative.

It is interesting how attempts by schools to be accommodating and open to new ideas can lead to privileges becoming entitlements and understanding becoming license for going overboard.

Fidget spinners, the new craze on school campus across the country, are a perfect example.

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