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Looking for Trouble

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We often see our Savior as peaceful and kind. Truly, Jesus exemplified God’s love for us in His acts of care and in His self-sacrifice. But He did not flee from conflict. He took a stand, holding fast to God’s commands and instructions. And in the end it led Him to the cross. For that we are forever grateful.

We, here at St. Paul Lutheran School, are not looking for trouble either. In fact, peace and tranquility are lovely things.

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Sponsors Needed for our SPLS Auction

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Do you or someone you know have a business interested in sponsoring the auction? Do you know an organization that would be a great sponsor for our upcoming auction? Please reach out to your contacts and help make this auction a great success for SPLS. All proceeds go to the growth of St. Paul Lutheran School and their students. Thank you for your time and help!
Click here to download a sponsor packet
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or if you would like a donation Click here for a donor form

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What About the New Kid?

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We had an awesome first chapel this past Wednesday. We heard from God’s Word. We prayed. We sang. We clapped in rhythm (still working on that one).

But something may not occur to everyone the first day you look out at 350 chapel attendees.

Some of these kids have never said a creed (a statement of belief) out loud before. Some may never have heard the Newsboys’ song “We Believe” and do not know how to sing along or if they are part of the “we”. Some may even come from a heritage where all of this is new and strange.

At SPLS we make it clear. We are a Christian school and everything we do will reflect this fact.

But we are also unique in that we gladly welcome students who do not have a Christian “pedigree” like a note from a pastor or a Christian church home.

So we are aware that we will be gently teaching, and coaching, and explaining, and encouraging to all the new and returning students so each one will understand what we believe. And we pray these precious young people join us in this life changing, eternity bound belief.

In His Children’s (and they are ALL His children) Service, Robert C. Boyd

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We Believe

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Our school year theme (see the signs all over campus) is a celebration marking the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. This landmark series of events has had huge impact on the expression of Christian faith around the world and also marks a tremendous modernizing shift in Western civilization.
– Imagine not be able to read the scriptures in English (or whatever your native language may be)
– Imagine not being able to speak directly to God through prayer, but being told you had to rely on religious leaders to do it for you
– Imagine living under the burden of believing that you were not doing enough to earn God’s love and acceptance
– Imagine fear, rather than love, being the motivator for making life choices
All year long we will talk about what we believe. And what we believe about God; about Jesus, our Savior; about the Holy Spirit; about the Bible; and so on, guides us to what we believe about children, and families, and learning, and growth, and attitude, and so much more.
Join us on the We Believe journey this year.

In His Children’s Service,
Robert C. Boyd

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