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From the Love and Logic Institute:

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Have you ever wondered, “Oh, great. What do I do with this kid now?”

A dad shared his story. His simple rule about driving was: “Feel free to drive as long as it doesn’t cause a problem for anyone on the planet.”

His son, Justin, missed curfew.

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Welcome to Hammer Time at St. Paul Lutheran School

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That is the inside joke about the 2017-2018 school year. And it has nothing to do with catchy tunes, baggy pants, or dance moves.

It does have to do with a lowly German monk nailing (Get it? Nailing? Hammer time?) some questions and concerns to the door of the church in Wittenberg. I guess the bulletin board was full.

It happened in 1517. Yes, that was five hundred years ago. Kind of a big anniversary.

What those questions started changed the face of the Christian faith and Western civilization. And it still changes things for people seeking the truth about God, about the work of His Son Jesus Christ, and about the Holy Spirit. It still changes things for those simply seeking a way to be right with God while they are fully aware of their personal shortcomings.

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Monday Morning Dialogue

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Kids coming in through the middle school gate probably cringe on Monday mornings. They know I might ask them what they did on the weekend. As you might imagine, they often shrug and say “nothing.” That’s a common middle school response. I will then mime the actions of someone using a video game controller. More often than not they sheepishly nod, confirming what I suspected.

Seeing that pattern, the following article, from leadership development expert Time Elmore, struck home. (And, of course, I am glad he was not talking about school as a prison.)

 The Harmful Prison Your Kids Experience Every Day

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