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Power in the Can

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Jessica Cox, an accomplished woman and motivational speaker, was born with no hands or arms. She writes in her blog. “Despite many frustrations and setbacks along the way, I’ve learned to banish the words, ‘I can’t.’” She has accomplished amazing things, including learning to fly an airplane.
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Thank you PTO for celebrating our Teachers

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PTO is sponsoring the following to show appreciation for our Teachers and Teaching Assistant as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week Feb. 12- Feb. 16.

Monday, February 12

Drica’s Favorites will provide coffee/drink and a treat to all teachers starting at 7:00am-9:00am.   Teachers will receive a ticket for a free beverage and a treat from Drica’s during those hours. (Parents dropping off children are encouraged to also make purchases from Drica’s).

Thursday, February 15

Catered lunch for teachers from Glory Days (set up in cafeteria) and a gift for each teacher. Lunch will be a grilled chicken pasta, broccoli and cookies.

Thank you PTO for all you do for our teachers and staff!!

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