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The Thrill of Victory…The Agony of Defeat

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Maybe this phrase rings a bell. It was the tag line of a long running program called “The Wide World of Sports.” And it is still referenced today to describe what happens in all sorts of life events.

Having a winner and others who do not win is part of life. And it is a difficult lesson for young people to learn.

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CH???? – A Key to Happiness and Success? From Tim Elmore

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The Harvard Grant Study is the longest longitudinal study in history. It was a study of 268 mentally healthy college sophomores at Harvard, between 1939-1944. It was done alongside the Glueck Study (1940-1945) of 456 disadvantaged youths in Boston. The studies tracked the lives of these students over the decades and continues to this day, although few are still alive. The goal was to discover patterns for what fostered

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