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Mrs. Boyd was in the hospital recently. One thing she noticed right away was that she was asked at every turn for her name and her birthdate. Over eight days it was well over fifty times she was asked. They clearly wanted to make sure they were treating the correct person. They wanted her identity to be confirmed.

But does her name and birthdate really tell you who she is? Of course, you would need to know her to really know who she is. A great mother to four boys. An amazingly creative and accomplished teacher. A dedicated woman of faith.

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Great Start!

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We have a Running Club at SPLS. It is the brainchild of Coach Karyn Scarpa and another parent of SPLS alumni, Mrs. Diane Zalanka. I love getting out there, when I can, to meet and greet and watch kids loop around the track.

Inevitably, there will be several young runners who take off at full tilt in an exaggerated sprint the minute their feet hit the track. As you anticipated, by the first turn they are usually walking.

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