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Teaching is an Art

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As Dr. Oglialoro and I undertake annual classroom observations of teachers we are reminded again that teaching is so much more that what is learned in college education classes and in-service training. And that is why I say teaching is an art and excellent teachers are true artists.

Each artist is distinctive and unique. And so are teachers. Each artist has favorite media or techniques. Teachers have special gifts that vary from classroom to classroom.

It would be weird to say that one artist is not as good because his or her creation looks different or uses different colors or materials than some other artist. By the same token, teachers use different techniques and approaches that are unique to that teacher.

The art is judged based on it being pleasing to the eye or on its ability to stir emotion or thought. The work of a teacher is evidenced in student performance, for sure. But it is also measured in how the child grows as a learner, as a citizen, as a responsible and more self-directed person. At SPLS it is also measured in growing and deepening faith in God and His gift of a Savior, Jesus.


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What’s Happening to the Boys?

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For the past decade(s) schools have encouraged female students to expand educational horizons, to pursue interests that are outside the box of the traditional. That has been a good thing overall and it shows in statistics that indicate the majority of college students are female and even the majority in medical school are as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems to build someone up there is a negative impact in others being put down. We see in schools that boys are facing some real challenges. No one would argue that the very system of education is particularly geared toward how boys’ brains work. But things have deteriorated in many ways for young men beyond the expectation to sit at a desk and do brain work.

It seems that in much of the culture that makes its way to TV screens and YouTube videos, young men are told they have all these unfair advantages. Yet in real life things are getting harder for them to be treated fairly and to be judged by their character rather than simply their gender. 

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Theme Stuff – Do You Get It?

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2019-2020 SPLS School Year Theme: All In


First Term: Dive In

Second Term: Dig In

Third Term: Abide in


Theme for the year? I get it. Do all in the name of Christ and do nothing halfway.

First Term? Makes sense. Let’s get started. Don’t hold back. As a student. As a child of faith.

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