Standards & Ethics

Ethics in Education

St. Paul Lutheran School, its teachers, and its staff have a moral obligation to function under the guidance of the Ten Commandments, as well as basic ethical principles of the Christian faith, Judeo-Christian culture and the American legal system.

In simple terms, that means that St. Paul Lutheran School teachers and staff will:

Love God and Love People – We function as people motivated by these two great principles of the Ten Commandments.

Set an Example – As people who are forgiven and empowered by God, we strive to set an example of Christian living in a fallen world.

Value Each Person – We honor each student, parent, co-worker or other individual as a special creation of God and as one bought with the sacrifice of the Savior.

Treat All People Equally – We respect each person as unique and of equal value in God’s reckoning, and therefore in ours. We do this understanding that in education fairness means providing each person what he or she needs to be successful.

Be Knowledgeable and Accurate – Faculty and staff at St. Paul Lutheran School strive to present information accurately and completely, based on the developmental level of each child and informed by a Christian world view.

Be Truthful While Protecting Privacy – Recognizing that we function with honor and with integrity, we are discrete in sharing information and avoid conversation that would be harmful or hurtful. We respect privacy, in particular when it comes to information about student and worker health, job or school performance and any disciplinary matter.

Evaluate Students Accurately and Fairly – Evaluation of student work, grades and other assessments are done using primarily objective standards and with the goal of accurately reporting student progress and challenges. This is done with the goal of rewarding accomplishment and directing towards improvement.

Apply Law and Gospel – Teachers and staff commit to applying the principles of God’s Law (rules and their natural consequences) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (sharing God’s forgiveness and restoration) at the appropriate time and in the most effective way.

Pray – We commit to praying for students, their parents, and anyone connected to this ministry as well as praying that the Lord’s work will be accomplished through the faculty and staff.

Relationship – Our interactions with students, parents and others will be guided by the understanding that the most effective foundation for working together is the building of positive relationships.

Care – The life of anyone connected to St. Paul Lutheran School is more than just the time spent on campus. We commit to genuinely caring about the life circumstances of each person and taking appropriate action while respecting privacy.


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