Did you know that many families have earned over $100 cash back this year by participating in the $CRIP program? There are no “catches”… You simply gift cards through our school instead of each individual retailer. There are HUNDREDS to choose from including American Girl, Disney, Lands End, Wal-Mart, Winn Dixie and more! They all have varying amounts of rebates ranging from 1%-18%. (Our PDQ cards were 70%!) For example, when you purchase a $100 Lands End card from us, $CRIP gives us 16% back. That $16 is then split; St. Paul earns $8 and so do you! You can choose from a variety of readily available cards we keep in stock such as Amazon (3%), Chili’s (11%), The Home Depot (4%), and Kohl’s (4%). You can also order from a complete list of retailers. These order forms are available from Ms. Debby. We place these orders every two weeks. $CRIP cards can be ordered online and even from your Smartphone! We are planning to have instructional classes on this information early next school year. You may pick up a $CRIP sign up sheet and a complete list of retailers from Ms. Debby.

Did you know…

  • You can pay your Kohl’s charge account balances with our special Kohl’s Cares gift card?
  • Disney gift cards are available in increments up to $1,000 and CAN be used for park admission, annual passes, cruises, merchandise, and food?
  • You can pay for prescriptions at CVS and Walgreens using these cards?
  • MANY hotel chains and gas station cards are available using $CRIP. Stock up now for your summer travels!
  • Many of the cards are reloadable so you don’t have to keep buying new cards?

You can order many cards online and print them for immediate use? Or Stop by SPLS today and pick up your $crip-To-Go Order while out and about.  Please join the $CRIP program and help us earn cash back for special St. Paul projects!

Sign up today to begin earning money!!

(School Code for online access: C1D3157114966)

Leandra Bennett
$CRIP Coordinator

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