Leading in Worship and Christian Teaching

It is not enough for young students in a Christian school to simply attend worship and listen to devotions and bow their heads for prayer.

We believe that young Christian leaders need the opportunity to take an active role in leading fellow believers in worship. It is a big step to go from being part of the crowd to being up front and telling about what God has done and is doing.

Student Led Chapel Services

Students as young as Kindergarten have opportunities to lead their fellow students and leaders in one of our weekly student chapel services. Typically students prepare a message, often a skit; they write and share prayers; choose and even lead songs; read scripture; basically doing it all from start to finish. And they step up, speaking and functioning boldly, having fun but also presenting a clear teaching.

Student Praise Bands also enhance worship almost every week.

Advent Services

Children from PK through 5th grade and select middle schoolers actually lead parents, SPL members, and guests through the journey of preparation for the birth of Christ. These students lead and perform music, share scripture, present the message and offer prayers during these Wednesday evening services throughout December.

It is amazing how students can gain such confidence in speaking and singing for large groups of people. And the testimony of their faith and anticipation of Christmas is heart-warming.

Spring Musical

An SPLS tradition brings students from both 2nd and 5th grades together to share scriptural truth through words and music. The spring musical allows many students to take on speaking roles while the classes function as the chorus. It is amazing how musical and dramatic the students can be as they share in this very entertaining, Bible-based presentation.

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