School Calendar & Hours

The school calendar of St. Paul Lutheran School is developed with the school calendar for the schools of the Polk County school system in mind. Many of our students have older siblings in Polk County Schools. Some of our parents are employed by the school district. It makes sense to make things as uncomplicated as possible for these families. Variations occur due to our scheduled Lutheran schools teacher conference in the fall and the tradition of taking off the Monday after Easter.

The Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break in November are set aside as potential make-up days should fall weather events cause the cancellation of school.

Any school closings due to weather or any other events will be posted on the home page of this web site and school parents will be notified directly via e-mail and a text message.

At St. Paul Lutheran School, we are committed to providing a minimum of 180 days of instruction for our students. Our school day runs from 8:15 AM to noon for PK with before and after school options.

The elementary school day is from 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM and the middle school program runs until 3:10 PM. All classrooms are open for student arrival by 7:55 AM. Before and after school care is available for elementary and middle schools students as well.


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