Power in the Can

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Jessica Cox, an accomplished woman and motivational speaker, was born with no hands or arms. She writes in her blog. “Despite many frustrations and setbacks along the way, I’ve learned to banish the words, ‘I can’t.’” She has accomplished amazing things, including learning to fly an airplane.
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Thank you PTO for celebrating our Teachers

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PTO is sponsoring the following to show appreciation for our Teachers and Teaching Assistant as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week Feb. 12- Feb. 16.

Monday, February 12

Drica’s Favorites will provide coffee/drink and a treat to all teachers starting at 7:00am-9:00am.   Teachers will receive a ticket for a free beverage and a treat from Drica’s during those hours. (Parents dropping off children are encouraged to also make purchases from Drica’s).

Thursday, February 15

Catered lunch for teachers from Glory Days (set up in cafeteria) and a gift for each teacher. Lunch will be a grilled chicken pasta, broccoli and cookies.

Thank you PTO for all you do for our teachers and staff!!

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Work! Work! Work!

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Sometimes we get the order of things mixed up.

Recently someone contended to me that if Adam and Eve had not sinned, then they would have never had children. This seemed to imply that children were a punishment for sinful behavior. While it may seem like that some mornings before school, that would not be accurate.

The fact is that God’s command to Adam and Eve to be “fruitful and multiply” was part of God’s perfect plan before a serpent and piece of fruit contributed to messing things up.

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SPLS’s Touch a Truck Event

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St. Paul Lutheran School invites families to climb aboard a vast array of transportation vehicles for the enjoyment at our “Touch A Truck” event on Saturday, February 3rd.  The event will run from 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m., and is located at St. Paul Lutheran School, 4450 Harden Boulevard.

Among the vehicles on display will be big trucks, fire truck, law enforcement vehicles, farm equipment, boats, golf carts, and more!

Admission to the Touch A Truck event is free with the opportunity to purchase food from a local food truck.

For more information on Touch A Truck, please email

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After student-led advent services and SPLS school musical performances, one comment from observers is very common. People are amazed at children who are so confident in front of a large group of people. They sing with confidence. They speak with confidence. They act with confidence.

Where does this confidence come from? In most cases, we just expect children to do hard things like speaking in front of people. It is really not treated as a big deal. It is just what we do at SPLS.

Second, I think we give kids the opportunity early and often. Kids lead chapel worship. Kids present plays in class. Kids sing and play solos in music class. Kids read aloud to peers, to younger students, and even to therapy dogs! They lead prayers and present classroom devotions.

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From the Love and Logic Institute:

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Have you ever wondered, “Oh, great. What do I do with this kid now?”

A dad shared his story. His simple rule about driving was: “Feel free to drive as long as it doesn’t cause a problem for anyone on the planet.”

His son, Justin, missed curfew.

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Welcome to Hammer Time at St. Paul Lutheran School

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That is the inside joke about the 2017-2018 school year. And it has nothing to do with catchy tunes, baggy pants, or dance moves.

It does have to do with a lowly German monk nailing (Get it? Nailing? Hammer time?) some questions and concerns to the door of the church in Wittenberg. I guess the bulletin board was full.

It happened in 1517. Yes, that was five hundred years ago. Kind of a big anniversary.

What those questions started changed the face of the Christian faith and Western civilization. And it still changes things for people seeking the truth about God, about the work of His Son Jesus Christ, and about the Holy Spirit. It still changes things for those simply seeking a way to be right with God while they are fully aware of their personal shortcomings.

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