Physical Education


P.E. DRESS:  All elementary students are required to wear the school P.E. shirt and P.E. shorts on their first P.E. day of the week (either Monday or Tuesday).  Students are to wear their P.E. shorts and P.E. shirt to school for the entire day.

P.E. clothes on their second P.E. day of the week are their regular school uniforms.

Middle School students are required to dress out on their P.E. days.  If a student does not dress out, they are given one day of grace and may participate.  On the second day a student does not dress out they may not participate in P.E. activities.  After three or more days of not dressing out, students are required to turn in one paragraph summarizing a sports or health related topic.

P.E. clothes (cold weather): Pants or school sweatpants may be worn only during cold weather.  Only St. Paul sweatshirts and jackets may be worn to P.E.  Dressing in layers is best during cold months as the day often warms up or the child warms up during activity.  PLEASE LABEL ALL SWEATSHIRTS AND JACKETS.

SHOES:  Athletic shoes must be worn to school everyday.  No Sandals, dress shoes, or boots.  This is for your child’s safety.  On days when they do not have P.E., they will have recess.

P.E. EXCUSALS:  If a student is unable to participate fully in P.E. due to medical reasons, he/she is required to provide a note from their parent or guardian, including a daytime phone number, and STATING THE EXTENT OF ALLOWED PARTICIPATION (may stretch, walk, do light activity)*.  Students are required to attend P.E. class and may be asked to do an in-class assignment to replace the class activity. LIMIT: 2 DAYS   A note from a physician is required if the student is unable to participate for more than 2 days or if they need to stay in the classroom during P.E.

*Please be very specific in all notes so that your child may get the best out of their special situation.  If at all possible, it is usually best to allow some activity.  Please do not write a note that simply states, “No P.E. today as my child is not feeling well.”  A better note would be, “My child has a cold, so may stretch and walk, but should not run.”

GRADES:  Grades are not based on athletic ability but on participation, preparedness, attendance, effort and attitude.

The following issues can affect students’ grades:

  • not wearing P.E. shirt or shorts (Monday or Tuesday)
  • not wearing athletic shoes
  • poor sportsmanship/not trying
  • improper use of equipment



  • To develop and improve motor skills
  • To learn life-long physical fitness pursuits
  • To learn to work in a group or team
  • To learn fair play
  • To practice positive health skills and safety knowledge
  • To develop and utilize skills, rules and strategies in sports
  • To take care of our body as a gift from God and to strive to do our best with the talents that we have been given
  • To encourage outside fitness activity

Unfortunately, P.E. classes are not enough.  Please take the time to play outside of school: sign up for a team, a league and/or gym classes or spend quality time with your child bike riding, swimming, walking, or throwing a ball.


MILEAGE REWARDS:  Each student will have a card that tracks the miles they run during P.E. and Running Club.  Students will earn a Mileage Band after the first 5 miles and will exchange it for a new color at 5-mile intervals. Students will be given the first band earned.  If it is lost or damaged, a replacement band may be purchased for $2.00 during P.E. class.

Students can get credit for running events outside of school.  These must be “scheduled races or activities”, such as the Red Ribbon Run or the Mayfaire 5K (3.1 miles), not just running around your yard or neighborhood.  Students should bring in a note signed by their parents with all are information in order to get credit.  *There is a maximum limit of 32 miles (ten 5K races or equivalent + the Red Ribbon Run) allowed per student for outside races.*

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