School Lunch Program

A school lunch, cooked on site, is available daily at SPLS for all students from ECEC to 8th grade. The meals meet nutritional guidelines, but since we do not participate in government subsidy programs, we are not limited by recent changes to school lunch programs.

SLA Management

Our lunch program is operated by SLA Management, a firm which operates programs in many area schools. Parents establish lunch accounts with SLA Management and monitor their accounts through the SLA web site. St. Paul Lutheran School does not handle any lunch funds directly. The school lunch staff are employees of SLA Management, however SPLS does have significant say in who will be serving our students and we are proud of our lunch staff. SLA Management Guide

Free and Reduced Lunches

St. Paul Lutheran School does not participate in the national School Lunch Program due to the onerous rules and paperwork involved. We do, however, work out a system by which we can assist with the food cost for students whose families would normally qualify for free or reduced meals. The business office handles applications, which are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Ordering Lunch

Students (parents of students in ECEC and PK) order lunch upon arrival in the homeroom each day. There must be money in the student’s lunch account for lunch to be ordered.

Parents Having Lunch with Students

Parents are welcome to join children for lunch on an occasional basis and may bring a meal in to share with the child. Parents must sign in at the school office, receive a visitor tag and limit their visit to the lunch period.

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