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Our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) asks each PK-8 family to contribute 15 hours of volunteer service over the course of the school year.  St. Paul Lutheran School is greatly blessed by a variety of volunteers ranging from classroom tutors to athletic team coaches to those helping with maintenance tasks around the building.

In order to protect not only the students of St. Paul Lutheran School but also the volunteers, everyone volunteering at SPLS must go through a painless approval process. Follow the link below for our virtual application.

Online Volunteer Application

Volunteer hours are recorded through RenWeb and our receptionist, Mrs. Jackie Jackson, is an expert at helping parents record hours.


Auction Volunteer Positions

AUCTION COURIERS  Pick-up donated items and certificates from businesses around town, fill out donor form for each item and deliver to PTO office. Time commitment is up to you, depending on the number of places you visit. Click Here to learn more!

DONATION PROCUREMENT  Reach out to various businesses in an effort to obtain donations.  Auction chair will meet with you to provide a list of suggested donors and pre-made letters.  Time commitment is up to you, depending on the number of contacts.   Click Here to learn more!

CREATIVE MARKETING  Paint, draw and design decorative signage for auction tables.  Assist with assembling centerpieces and unique gift baskets.   Time commitment is up to you, depending on how may projects you create. Click Here to learn more!

AUCTION SET-UP  Load items into vehicles the morning of October 16th (possible also the afternoon/early evening of October 15th) and transfer them to Eaglebrooke.  Unload and set-up items upon arrival.  Large SUV’s and vans would be helpful.  Click Here to learn more!

BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION  In search of an individual to oversee the BoxTops for Education to raise money for the school.  Click Here for details!

LABELS FOR EDUCATION  In search of an individual to oversee the Labels for Education to raise money for the school.  Click Here for details!  


Chair Positions Available

AUCTION OPERATIONS CHAIR POSITION  Primary duties are data entry of donated items into the Maestro auction software program located in the PTO office and printing, organizing and filing auction forms, labels, gift certificates and bid sheets.  With one operations chair, time commitment is 1-2 hours per week from late August through September and at least 4 hours per day the week prior to auction in October.  During the first year you will shadow the current chair to learn the program and process, eventually over the next 2-3 years taking over the position entirely when the current chair graduates from SPLS.  If you co-chair the position with a friend, the time commitment is cut in half.   Click Here to learn more!


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