The Process

The Admissions Process

Steps in the Enrollment Process

Inquire: Contact us to get additional information, schedule a tour, meet with our admissions counselor, teachers and other staff. Call 863-644-7710 or e-mail today!!

Apply: If you believe St. Paul Lutheran School is the right place for your child(ren), fill out an application. There is an application processing fee for each child. This cost covers administrative costs both from our online information system and from our local staff.

The application process allows St. Paul Lutheran School to learn about your child(ren) and determine if St. Paul Lutheran School will be a good match. Students entering St. Paul Lutheran School from another school usually provide past report cards and tests scores to the admission counselor. The St. Paul Lutheran School principal often contacts the administration of the previous school for an informal referral.

Application Form

Enroll: When given the acceptance from St. Paul Lutheran School, you, as the parents make the final determination by formally enrolling in school.

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