Scholarship Assistance

There are a variety of ways in which a family can receive assistance with elementary (K-5th) and middle school (6th-8th) tuition at St. Paul Lutheran School.

The State of Florida coordinates scholarship assistance to low income families (Step Up) and to those with identified special educational needs (McKay or Gardiner Scholarships). Links to the home pages of both programs are found below.

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School also funds over $160,000 in internal scholarships annually to qualifying families through the St. Paul Lutheran School Scholarship Fund. These families are able to receive the benefits of a solid Christian education which they might have never thought possible. It is not without sacrifice on the part of the families and St. Paul Lutheran School, but the families receiving aid are blessed immensely.

The link to FACTS found below is the path by which families can apply for St. Paul Lutheran School Scholarship Fund financial aid. Parents complete a confidential and thorough application form and submit it with a fee to FACTS. (St. Paul Lutheran School receives none of this fee.) Then FACTS issues a detailed report indicating a recommended financial aid amount.

St. Paul Lutheran School then presents a financial aid offer to parents. Parents are asked to keep such offers and the details of final arrangements confidential. St. Paul Lutheran School commits to doing the same.

Persons receiving financial aid are always responsible for a portion of the tuition and all of the application, registration and other fees.

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