Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

In order to help cover the costs of educating children at SPLS, tuition and other fees are collected from parents who have chosen SPLS for their child(ren). These do not cover the entire cost of the program at St. Paul Lutheran School. The people of St. Paul Lutheran Church cover all of the costs of constructing the buildings making up the school campus, the majority of scholarship gifts and they also provide over 10% of the operational costs.

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates cover the majority of the cost of education for the first child in the family. A tuition discount is applied for additional children from the same family.

ECEC (15 mos./2 yr. olds) Tuition Rates 2024-2025

PreK3 – 8th Grade Tuition Rates 2024-2025

Member Tuition Rates

St. Paul Lutheran Church provides a portion of the tuition, in the form of a tuition discount. Our St. Paul Church Tuition discount begins with PreK 3 students and continues for elementary and middle school students whose parents or guardians are active at St. Paul Lutheran Church. Being active is simply defined as a person who is on the membership rolls of St. Paul Lutheran Church and attends at least 60% of the in-person worship services offered during a year.

MEMBER Tuition Rates 2024-2025

How Are Tuition and Fees Established?

The leadership of St. Paul Lutheran School, including the administration and the School Board, work together to determine the various tuition and fee amounts for the upcoming school year. Every attempt is made to balance the need to pay for staff, programs and facilities with the needs of the families using St. Paul Lutheran School.

Multiple Child Discounts

There are discounts built into the tuition schedule for families enrolling more than one child in the program at SPLS.

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