Middle School

St. Paul Middle School provides the perfect bridge from Elementary School to High School. Classes are divided into two levels of academic challenge offering students the opportunity  to be academically successful in their areas of strength. Smaller classrooms allow teachers the opportunity to get to know each of their students. Knowing that each student learns differently, teachers also have the flexibility to meet state standards in a variety of ways all while keeping Christ the center of what they do.

Though students focus daily on core subjects like English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, and Christian Studies they also have the opportunity to take special classes like Art, Piano, Chorus, Band, PE, and Drama. Understanding that each student is gifted differently by our Creator encourages creativity and success in a variety of areas. Outside the classroom, each grade level has curriculum connected field trips that bring to life what they have been studying. Extra curricular activities like dances and the beginning of school retreat build community. Leadership skills are groomed through chapel families, NJHS, tech and worship teams.

Students conclude their 8th grade year with a formal graduation service. We thank God and celebrate the gifts they have shared, for the growth they have shown, and the excitement they have as they move to High School. Though we always have several 8th graders that audition and are accepted into Harrison school of the Arts and a few go to other private schools; the majority of our students go to their zoned public high school where they are academically ready and spiritually solid. 

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