Chapel Worship

Weekly worship is crucial for each SPLS student. Children from the 2 year old Early Childhood Enrichment Center all the way through 8th grade get regular opportunities to gather together with other students for something we call chapel.

As a distinctly Christian place, St. Paul Lutheran School believes worship is a key component of a full life for believers. The school setting offers the unique opportunity for children to hear Biblical teaching, join in prayer and singing, and praise their God in a setting and with a focus that is specifically child-freindly.

Typically there are two to three services per week. One is for students in grades K-8 and is on Wednesday mornings. Occasionally, there will be separate services for middle school and elementary school. Distinctive features of our K-8 chapel include student involvement, special music and chapel families.

Developmentally appropriate chapel worship activities happen in our PK/ECEC chapel each week. It is amazing how children as young as two years of age grasp the simple concepts of faith and life that are discussed each week and how they learn to listen, to sing, to answer questions and share ideas. PK/ECEC chapel happens weekly on either Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Students are given the opportunity to be more than observers in chapel, as individual classes or grade levels get the chance to plan and lead. At other times, students are involved in hands-on object lessons or in small group prayer or sharing times.

Chapel always includes music led by students, whether it be by one of several student praise bands, grade level choirs, hand bells, or the advanced band.

Chapel Families are a unique feature of St. Paul Lutheran School. We organize the students in grades K-8 into multi-age groups. These groups are organized at the beginning of the year. They are called Chapel Families.

Each chapel family has a chapel mom or dad (a seventh or eighth grade student), a chapel assistant (a fifth or sixth grade student) and a mix of students from grades K-4. Each teacher supervises two or three chapel families. The chapel families sit together each week, often pray together and have opportunities to build relationship outside of chapel. Our older students take their leadership responsibilities seriously and the little ones appreciate the special attention from an older student.

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