Elementary School

For over 50 years St. Paul has served thousands of students from K – 5th grade.  With two classrooms in each grade level. Students are challenged by teachers who have the ability and flexibility to use their God given teaching gifts to meet state standards. Not only do students grow academically, they have the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually. Teachers facilitate learning on all levels while keeping Christ at the center of all that they do.

Students focus daily on core subjects like English Language Arts (ELA), Math, STEM, and Christian Studies. They also have the opportunity to take Art, Piano, Music, PE, and Spanish. As educators we recognize the benefits of giving children unstructured playtime during recess. Understanding that each student is gifted differently by our Creator encourages creativity and success in a variety of areas. Outside the classroom, each grade level has curriculum connected field trips that bring to life what they have been studying.

After touring our campus and seeing all that is offered at the elementary level, one parent commented, “I cannot unsee what I have seen- this is where my child belongs.” Our hope and prayer is that all who visit feel the same.

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