4 th Grade Student • When asked about the education and preparation for life's next stages

“The education here is very good and prepares you for the next stage in life. It is very challenging which isn’t bad because you need to challenge yourself. But it is also very fun which is good also.”

5 th Grade Student • When asked how has a particular teacher, coach, or other staff member been a blessing to you?

“My teacher Mrs. Finley is a blessing in many ways. She just doesn’t teach like any other teacher. She teaches so awesome at the end of the day I don’t want to leave. If a child is struggling she helps them. She is very Christian like. She has taught me many things in life.”

7 th Grade Student • When asked whom their favorite faculty member is.

“By far, the faculty member who has been a blessing to me the most is Mrs. Pahl. Mrs. Pahl has been a blessing to me in so many ways, like offering emotional support when I needed it most, and even praying with me when it seemed that there was no hope. She has helped me overcome so much, and I thank God that she taught me so much more than just social studies.”

6 th Grade Student • when asked what do you love about SPLS

“It is a Christian environment full of kids that love God. Teachers that enjoy what they teach and care about your education and do what they can to help you succeed.”

3 rd Grade Student • When asked what do you love about SPLS

“I love how we learn, and I love that there is no bullying.”

5 th Grade Student • When asked how has your training in the Christian faith at SPLS affected you

“It has affected me a lot. Every day I look forward for Christian Studies or Chapel. Just being in the environment and everyone nicely greeting you makes you feel like home here.”

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