Location & Map

Location of St. Paul Lutheran School

St. Paul Lutheran School shares a 35+ acre campus with the other ministries of St. Paul Lutheran Church. The campus is located on Harden Boulevard near the corner of Alamo Drive, south of Polk Parkway and north of Pipkin Road. The main entrance is off of Harden Blvd, which has recently been widened and improved for safe entrance and exit from the campus.

A second entrance is located off of Alamo Drive. Remember that there is far more to our facilities and campus than can be seen from Harden Blvd. God has greatly blessed us with a great resource.

Those coming from the east (Orlando) or west (Tampa) on Interstate 4 would find St. Paul Lutheran School most easily by taking the Polk Parkway/Route 570 (toll) to the Harden Boulevard exit and heading south one mile. St. Paul Lutheran School is registered with the State of Florida.

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