Technology Integration

Technology in Student Hands



St. Paul Lutheran School utilizes technology throughout the curriculum.  Each Pre-Kindergarten 3 through 8th grade classroom contains a Clear Touch Board and document camera.  These devices not only enhance the teacher’s ability to present material in a stimulating way, but they also invite students to actively engage in their learning.

Kindergarten through second grade students have 1:1 access to iPads, to lift the level and application of learning, when applicable. Third through eighth grade students have 1:1 access with chrome books. Students are empowered to use these devices in ways that enhance and extend their learning.  Additionally, students are learning a variety of skills to help them with their research, presentation abilities and content knowledge and skills.

ISTE Standards guide teachers and students to become “empowered learners, responsible digital citizens, knowledge constructors, innovative designers, computational thinkers, creative communicators and global collaborators.”

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