Technology Integration

Technology in Student Hands



St. Paul Lutheran School utilizes technology throughout the curriculum.  Each classroom, Pre-Kindergarten 3 through 8th grade contains a Promethean or Smart Board and document camera.  These devices not only enhance the teacher’s ability to present material in a stimulating way, they also invite students to actively engage in their learning.

Elementary students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade utilize the computer lab and have weekly lessons taught by a technology teacher.

Middle school students and many elementary students utilize laptop computers which are available for use in the classroom as tools for learning. Students in grades 3rd through 8th utilize Office 365 applications for multimedia presentations and classwork. Office 365 is available to students anywhere the Internet is accessible. It is also a great tool in helping children to collaborate on projects utilizing technology.

Apple iPads are in use in third grade and are coming for grades K-2 thanks to recent support from the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). Learning applications on iPads are particularly useful for our younger learners.

St. Paul Lutheran School’s unique BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy allows students to use personal technology devices to take notes, prepare and documents, record homework, etc. The BYOD is available to all students in grades 5-8 and students needing special accommodations in younger grades.

Internet safety and responsibility education is taught at grade appropriate levels at each grade level beginning in Kindergarten.

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