St. Paul Lutheran School functions as a ministry to the community of Lakeland and Polk County. It is our desire to serve as diverse a population as desires the unique education we offer.

Ethnic Diversity

  • 8% of our students have Hispanic/Latino heritage
  • 5% have Asian heritage
  • 4% have African heritage

Diversity of Religious Background

  • Of the 451 students in attendance, 116 or 34% are from St. Paul Lutheran Church
  • 26% of students do not have a home church listed
  • 40% of students attend a Christian church other than St. Paul Lutheran Church
  • 53 distinct churches are represented in our student body

St. Paul Lutheran School enrolls students from a wide variety of religious backgrounds and those with no religious heritage. Students are expected to fully participate in all school activities including Jesus Time/Christian Studies, chapel worship, classroom devotions, etc.

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